So, these are the most common causes of the error message “An error has occurred in the script of this page”. If your Windows machine is not having java then you will get this error message. To resolve this you have installed java on your Windows. This wraps up our guide on how to fix the Windows script host error that occurs during activation. You can use any of the above-mentioned solutions to resolve the script host error and easily activate the Windows license key without any hurdles.

When Apache starts it reads the httpd.conf file from that directory. If you copy the Apache directory or configuration files to a new location it is vital that you update the ServerRoot directive in the httpd.conf file to reflect the new location. It is recommended that users create a separate account for MKV files running Apache service.

Another Fix for Window Updates

The Windows Update log is a powerful tool in determining issues with Windows Update. Whether it’s simple a patch failing to install or issues connecting to Microsoft Update. This log can provide valuable detail in most cases. This will open a list of all the Windows application logs on the right-hand side.

The Intune policy setting is based on an integer value. The 813 event ID also indicates that this policy setting is successfully applied on the client PCs. One example is given belowHow To Start Troubleshooting Intune Issuesfrom theserver-side. The next level of troubleshooting is withMDM Diagnostics Toolto collect the log and information from theclient side. Let’s check to understand Intune logs for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs.

Common Live Mail Error 10060 Error Messages

Well, at this point, we would suggest you reach out to Microsoft’s support team to seek further assistance. Close Discord (or the app you’re trying to fix). If you get a JavaScript error when trying to launch or install Discord or another app, the application data may be corrupt. If the app is running right now, you’ll want to close it so you can properly delete and reinstall it. Make sure it’s not minimized to your taskbar.To be sure it’s closed, press Control + Alt + Delete and click Task Manager. If you see a that the app is running, click to select it, and then click End Task.

However you can still access the original event logs as files. They are on the system drive in \Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\ folder. You could scan through the security events, looking for and event IDs. However, the security log usually holds the greatest number of records and going through it can be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, the system log also stores logon and logoff data and specifying the exact source of the log entry allows a relatively quick search. The script below returns a list of logon and logoff events on the target computer with their exact times and users for the last seven days.

Learn to Fix Internet Explorer Script Error

You can execute the repair installation by following these steps. While in the “Programs and Features” window, scroll through the list of applications and find your firewall. Select it and click Uninstall in the pop-up menu that appears.